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Literally Re-arranging the Pieces

The Project Challenge

The task of helping a creative agency become more efficient and profitable can be a complex undertaking. With a few facets to the business, there’s a lot to dissect and understand. Our aim was to clearly communicate this in-depth and detailed discovery process.

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Re-arranging The Pieces

Tangram Consulting

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Tangram Consulting Flexible Brand Mark and Logotype

The Solution

Helen came to us with a name 'Tangram', the idea of which perfectly expresses the process teams will journey through to become more efficient as a business.

By utilising the individual pieces of the 19th-century Chinese Tangram puzzle we created a flexible visual system. On one hand, the system can be used to represent the particular workings and methodology of any given creative agency to an end client. On the other, it can also be utilised to explain the unique process each agency will go through in its quest for efficiency and work harmony!

Tangram Consulting Business Process Key Stages Illustrations
Tangram Consulting Process Chart to Asses Your Business Needs
Tangram Consulting Business Introduction and Process Overview Diagrams
Tangram Consulting What The Individual Pieces Mean in your Business Diagram
Tangram Consulting Brand Assets and Colour Print Test Poster
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